Martha Wilson La Boîte Collector N°10 La Vache qui rit®, 2023

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The Collector's Edition Box #10 of The Laughing Cow® by Martha Wilson may be purchased while stocks last.

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In 2014, Lab'Bel, the Bel Group's Artistic Laboratory, launched a series of exceptional collaborations with contemporary artists to create The Laughing Cow® Collector's Edition Boxes. These limited editions offered each autumn update and reinvent the links that artists have forged with the brand since its creation in 1921. 

Lab'Bel commissioned American artist Martha Wilson to design the tenth edition. Martha Wilson is without doubt the most important American artist pursuing a social commitment to the democratisation of art as a vehicle for emancipation.

Since the 1970s, she has waged a cultural battle in her work to reach out to a wide audience, particularly those far removed from art, in a distribution approach comparable to the one Lab'Bel has devised for the Collector's Box project.

"Women are asked to be beautiful, and their value is determined by their beauty," says Martha Wilson in Eric Darmon's film, specially produced for the occasion. By putting make-up on The Laughing Cow® for the Collector's Edition and giving it a wig, Martha Wilson is making a point of this diktat, using humour as a weapon of denunciation.

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