Hubert Renard

Born in 1965. Lives and works in Paris

InquiryHubert Renard

Hubert Renard

Hubert Renard sets up devices that question the uses of the art world, revealing the different aspects of what could be called exhibition literature. His work largely consists of documentation (published or not) in the form of catalogs, posters, invitation cards, photographs of exhibitions, openings, installations, press articles, recordings of conferences, epistolary documents, etc., devoted to an artist whose reality is paradoxically established and questioned by this device and which is registered under the name Hubert Renard. He now uses this archive as material to continue his research.

Hubert Renard

Since the 1970s, Hubert Renard has been practicing an art of in situ intervention, questioning the conditions of realization of the work of art, first through the motif of the black and empty frame, then by creating sculptures close to interior design, whose main ambition is to fill the space. From 1985, he became interested in the photographic practice, and more particularly in its character of reproduction of the real world. He questions the particular regime of contemporary images and takes a cautious look at some iconic images of our time. His devices focus on the perception of reality, the distance between representation and simulation, and on the different effects of the sensible.

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