Kay Rosen Edges, 2021

InquiryKay Rosen - Edges, 2021
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Coloured pencils on paper

18,9 x 16,75 in

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The artist explores language and the structure and meaning of individual words. Both edges of the word “Edges” are E's. The middle D and G can go with either edge (either E) forming two anagramatic groupings EDG/ DGE, and leaving an extra E at the beginning and end of the words. Because the E's are functionally not necessary to demonstrate the anagramatic pattern, they become decorative.
“Edges” is the heir of an earlier version titled “Ragged Edges” that was part of an 8-part text/image project for the Swiss magazine DU in 1993. The text discussed marginalization, especially regarding women. 
“Edges” is a verbal proxy for society in which some members, by choice or by exclusion, are not part of the mainstream.

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