Kay Rosen Soundtrack, 2023

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Screen print on Magnani Pescia 100% cotton paper.

Speedball Acrylic black ink.


19.29 x 27.56 in

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Soundtrack begins as a three-line blocked out sentence whose concealed text is gradually uncovered panel by panel until it is completely revealed at the end.

With its blocked out word parts, the series hearkens back to a 1990 body of paintings by the artist in which parts of words were blocked out, forcing viewers to try to create meaning from the remaining letters.

In Soundtrack, meaning can be extracted in every panel, except the first, without giving away the final message. Suppression, it suggests, doesn't work. Disco represents a spirit that isn't exclusive or restricted; everyone feels the beat. As Emma Goldman said, “If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution.”

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