Allen Ruppersberg The Mystery Of Nobokov's Room and No, Sir, My Library Is Not Yours, 1999

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InquiryAllen Ruppersberg - The Mystery Of Nobokov's Room and No, Sir, My Library Is Not Yours, 1999
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Two-sided hand-cut wooden puzzle in cardboard box
Cardboard box, 27 x 35,5 x 4 cm
Each puzzles are incomplete, totally randomly.

The number of pieces is more or less equivalent to the capacity of the box they are tidy.

Each box is of different sizes and came from different origins? (for example: old puzzle boxes or chocolate boxes found by Allen Ruppersberg sur on the flea markets).
Each box is stamped, signed and numbered and contains a stamped Major Error card.


Edition 21/50
Edition of 50 signed and numbered copies
Each puzzle is unique
Published in 1999 by Catherine Pavlovic and Adon Peres

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Since the early 70s, Allen Ruppersberg has been making artworks in many ways function as puzzles, as to say a collection of elements arranged to make up a meaningful whole. It is not a coincidence if Allen Ruppersberg has decided to directly work on puzzles since one of his principle resides in transposing and reusing his own previous works or some of their fragments. The artist has continuously created a particular connection linking each art piece to his entire work and turning every exhibition into a new occasion to revisit his work by questionning its ways and modes of display. 

In choosing to make puzzles, Allen Ruppersberg allows the audience, the puzzler, to take on his role as an artist. This way, the puzzler must glean amongst the pieces provided by 
Ruppersberg in order to assemble the whole picture. 

As an addition to the idea of assembling, associated with puzzles, is the notion of absence. Substraction is an operation commonly used by Ruppersberg and The Mystery Of Nobokov?s Room and No, Sir, My Library Is Not Yours is no exception. Regarding this artwork, a handful of pieces have been randomly removed from the box making difficult if not impossible to assemble the puzzle. 

Every The Mystery Of Nobokov?s Room and No, Sir, My Library Is Not Yours puzzle are therefore incomplete but they all offer to reconstitute two different pictures, one on the front side and the other on the back side of the pieces. The number of pieces is proportional to the box size on which the two pictures are pasted. The boxes have been purchased by Allen Ruppersberg at flea markets. Each one has a proper size and a specific origin, beeing old puzzle boxes or chocolate ones.

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