Bernard Bazile 3615 ALINE, 1988-94/2019

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Spiral notebook, 14 x 9.5 cm, 180 pages, 90g paper
Contains 76 full-colour photographs
Cover colour according to Rhodia's colour chart: Tangerine


Edition of 45 numbered and signed copies and 5 artist's proofs
Certificate numbered and signed by the artist
Produced and published by mfc-michèle didier in 2019

©2019 Bernard Bazile and mfc-michèle didier
NB: All rights reserved. No part of this edition may be reproduced in any form or by any means without written permission of the artist and the publisher.

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Bazile's 3615 collection lets us catch a glimpse of an erotic desire exposed in plain sight, treated on the same level than other mass markets products. It's interesting to focus on this phenomenon, which is unimaginable today, at a time so sensitive when it deals with women bodies' objectification. If our virtual relationships keep an inclination towards consumption, through online dating services or pornographic websites, it remains strictly private. The public aspect of Bazile's collection questions our stereotypes about the supposed open-mindedness of our 21st century society.

The images contained in these notebooks, made during the artist's wandering accross the territory, are an extract of the series 3615.

The three notebooks' exteriors can be distinguished from their cover's colour: Tangerine, Purple, Poppy, according to the Rhodia's colour char.

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