Alban Le Henry, Romaric Tisserand - MoMO Galerie x alban le henry = mfc2 - Exhibitionmfc-michèle didier | Paris - Brussels - PARIS

Alban Le Henry, Romaric Tisserand
MoMO Galerie x alban le henry = mfc2
21 Mar - 23 Apr 2014
Inquiry about the exhibition

Exhibition from Friday March 21 to Wednesday April 23, 2014
Opening on March 20, 2014 en presence of the artists

This is the second edition of mfc-michèle didier’s new exhibition concept: mfc2, again based on the idea of invitation. After La Serre and La Ville Rayée, two external collaborators have once again invested the space of the Paris gallery.

mfc1 = MoMO Gallery

mfc1 = an artist, Romaric Tisserand, under the guise of MoMO Gallery, proposes a totally new work, entitled 3360 TIMES (from M to O), a series of 3360 color combinations arranged similarly as the famous LOVE by Robert Indiana. Three colors are randomly interchanged and chosen from an arbitrary selection of sixteen colors, revealing four letters, M O M O.

mfc2 = alban le henry

mfc2 = a designer, alban le henry, creates here a storage space, updating his stack, a work that will display almost all of mfc-michèle didier’s publications. The question here for alban le henry is to take an interest in the productions' containers — box, slipcase, cover — and show in a domestic exhibition works of art that we usually see closed — books and boxes.

A common idea connects both projects: the unity that is used as a module to be multiplied and combined. In Romaric Tisserand’s case, the unity is the one created by the color. As for alban le henry, the unity in his installations arises from the stacking of the storage units.

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