None Fútbol Club

Nøne Futbol Club, None Fútbol Club or None football club is an artist duo founded in 2009 in Paris. They live and works in Paris.

InquiryNone Fútbol Club

"The name of this artist collective and its use as a logo, echo the transversal aspect of their practice and the plurality of their field of action. “Nøne Futbol Club” associates three terms with Scandinavian (the letter “ø”), Spanish (Fútbol) and English (club) origins. The letter “ø” which is pronounced like a long French “e”, and which modifies the English word “none”, is also the mathematical symbol for an empty set.

Works by this collective embody the metaphor of an artistic process integrating references to games, popular culture, and hacking. The duet, who have been artists and graphic designers for several years now, has created a language that has been enriched by the vocabulary of these two fields. Their performances, sculptures, and installations all claim a rebel attitude mainly based on humour, for instance in the video installation Work n° 075 : Ici c’est Paris (2012), a series of portraits showing a young generation ready for battle, letting white smoke out of their nostrils, like bulls in an arena.


They play with codes from mass culture by appropriating the vocabulary of advertising, reality shows, science-fiction films as well as the use of social networks."1

Their works has been presented on the occasion of several exhibitions: at the CAB Grenoble, at Les Eglises (Chelles), at La Collection Lambert (Avignon), at Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris, at the MAC VAL (Vitry-sur-Seine) ...

1. Excerpt of the text by Jessica Castex, dans le catalogue "Co-workers, the network as artist." Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 2015.

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