Gustav Metzger Memoriam, 2019

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Cardboards boxes
186 x 96 x 35 cm each
2005 - 2019


This work is produced by mfc-michèle didier with the agreement of The Gustav Metzger Foundation.

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Memoriam is a 2005 artwork by Gustav Metzger produced by mfc-michèle didier in 2019 with the agreement of The Gustav Metzger Foundation, composed of human-size cardboards measuring 186 x 96 x 35 cm.

These cardboards are spread through the exhibition space, forming a maze the visitors can explore. The offered experience quotes that of Peter Eisenman's Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe - a major figure in architectural deconstruction - built in Berlin.

However, unlike a traditional memorial, this one is made out of "poor", ephemeral material. Memory loss is planned in this memorial.

The artwork also comes from the environmental aspects of Metzger's work, which are continuous from the very beginnings, when he campaigned againsi nuclear energy and weapons. As a symbol, Memoriam is to hurt nature as little as possible, to not leave any trace, as is it explained in Metzger's Auto-destructive Art manifestoes.

Memoriam takes up the processes of a work from the very beginning of the artist's career: Cardboards (1959). During the very first exhibition, in the basement of The Farm café, Gustav Metzger already presented a set of perforated and arranged cardboards. Memoriam therefore shows continuity in this rich and coherent journey.

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