Mel Bochner Singer Notes, 1968 (Binder), 1968/2017

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Aluminium binder, 30.3 x 29.1 x 7 cm
Contains 47 looseleaves slipped in plastic folds.
Plastic folds: 28 × 21.5 cm each
Printed on Lessebo Design Natural 120g


Edition of 3 numbered and signed copies
Certificate numbered and signed by the artist
Produced and published by mfc-michèle didier in 2017

©1968-2017 Mel Bochner and mfc-michèle didier
NB: All rights reserved. No part of this edition may be reproduced in any form or by any means without written permission of the artist and the publisher.

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Singer Notes, 1968 by Mel Bochner is published in three numbered and signed copies by mfc-michèle didier in 2017.

Singer Notes, 1968 comprises an exact copy of the Singer Notes, the whole of the drawings and the notes by Mel Bochner between September and December 1968.

Singer Notes is an important work by American artist Mel Bochner yet strangely it remains little-known. While encapsulating the germination of ideas which later proved to be fundamental in Bochner's extremely influential work since the late 1960s, the Singer Notes have been generally ignored.

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