Ludovic Chemarin© - Moments - Exhibitionmfc-michèle didier | Paris - Brussels - PARIS

27 Nov 2018 - 2 Feb 2019
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Exhibition from November 27, 2018 to February 2, 2019
Opening on November 24, 2018 from 5pm to 8pm in presence of the artist

Since 2011 and its legal creation, following the acquisition of the artist Ludovic Chemarin's name and work, Ludovic Chemarin© rethinks and radicalizes the criticism of the art system initiated by conceptual artists in the 60s and 70s. The project creates sets of works weaving a new and striking story, with multiple ramifications on legal, ethical, political, and aesthetics aspects.

Ludovic Chemarin© questions fundamental art notions such as the author's status, the signature's value, the definition of original work or of the artist's gesture, reconsidering the inalienability of royalty payment and artistic gesture.

Moments proposes to discover a new dimension of Ludovic Chemarin©, thanks to a major edition: a limited edition box comprising three vinyl records accompanied by a booklet.

Continuing the logic of co-authoring, music was entrusted to musician Christophe Demarthe and libretto's text to writer Olivier Combault. The box brings together four composite moments, to immerse oneself in a particular atmosphere, sharing and appropriating Ludovic Chemarin©. A text derived from the biography Total Recall, 38,652 signes (espaces compris), taking the form of a singular fiction, offers a literary interpretation of the artist.

This production opens a more intimate, airy, diffuse and sensitive dimension around the project and the artist ©.

The musician Christophe Demarthe, aka Cocoon, is the singer of Clair Obscur, one of the leading French bands of the 80s post-punk scene, and today co-founder of the project Acoustic Cameras. Cocoon presents itself as a global project mixing indifferently electronic music, video, photo, text, performance. A global project that led Ludovic Chemarin© proposing to him to compose a new and intimate work, giving life to a sound atmosphere specific to the project and its singularity.

Olivier Combault is a writer and professor of modern letters. The text of the libretto entrusted to him presents itself as a fiction, using writing and words as an attempt to create a self-portrait or multiple births of Ludovic Chemarin©. A literary interpretation that makes sense in the evolution of the project and its scope.

In addition to the presentation of this set consisting of three vinyls and a booklet, a set of unpublished pieces will complete this new "environmental" orientation and highlight the complexity of a project with multiple ramifications and r-evolutions. The public will be able to discover two paintings on frames made by the painter Gaël Davrinche from a photograph of Ludovic Chemarin as a child; he will also discover a revisited version of the Salon©; the unique piece in biography Total Recall, 47440 characters (spaces included); or the new publication of the magazine ©3 made especially for this exhibition.

Following the first exhibition of Ludovic Chemarin©, Identités, presented in 2015 at mfc-michèle didier gallery, this new collaboration allows us to discover the evolution and complexity of this unprecedented project in art history; a subversive, radical, multifaceted, and densifying project, conceived for this new presentation through a scenography allowing to appropriate the whole in an intimate and sensory way.

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