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JaZoN Frings JaZoN Ex.
10 Sep - 12 Nov 2015

Inquiry about the exhibition

Exhibition from September 11 to November 12, 2015
Opening on September 11, 2015 from 6pm to 9pm in presence of the artist

It is not a coincidence that mfc-michèle didier has invited the artist Jazon Frings in parallel with the presentation of The Fountain Archives by Saâdane Afif. Frings’ questioning of the nature of art goes beyond the one formulated by the ready-made.

Who is Jazon Frings?

The artist works under the identity of JaZon Ex. of which he is the founder and the president. JaZoN Ex. is a scoring system created from the artist’s life.

JaZoN Ex. the most human stock market on planet earth…!!» uses the mechanisms of the stock exchange market in order to re-interpret the idea of value, and particularly to transpose the stock market to a human scale. His work deprives the economical world of the question of the interpretation of value, something that until then was exclusively reserved for this world.  

In order to realize his project, Jazon Frings created completely new financial instruments: an exchange currency, stocks, bonds. These express the diversity of his life in all its complexity.  

The concept of the stock market is called into question, opening greater perspectives than its current status of a playground for a select few. By putting into place his proper value systems, he directly confronts the rational ideas of contemporary economics.

When quantifiable economies are discarded, when life’s absurdities become the crucial point for determining value, more doesn’t always have to be better than less.

JaZon Ex.’ objective is to generate value in contradiction with the notions of rational economies.

This work needs a constant implication from the artist, which kind of reminds us of On Kawara’s work, who recorded all the founding events of a universal day: the hour of the awakening, the travels (or non-travels), the meetings, the readings. On his part, Jazon Frings is interested in the consequences of these events that On Kawara factually recorded. To get up in the morning, to travel and to meet other people, it all entails a series of chain reactions: love, anger, fatigue, stress, laughter…

Jazon Frings’ work will take place in the main room of mfc-michèle didier gallery, and cover the walls with a wallpaper that records the fluctuations of his very personal stock market, displaying this way the various companies that regulate his life: SARL Zo Creative, Zo BUSY INCORPORATED, ZARL Lover, JZON Drunk Company, etc.

During the exhibition, the interactive platform JaZoN Ex. will also be broadcasted in live, in order to follow in real life Jazon Frings state of emotions and health. The financial and exchange products will also be available.

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