Jack Goldstein - Jack Goldstein - Exhibitionmfc-michèle didier | Paris - Brussels - PARIS

29 Feb - 4 May 2024
Inquiry about the exhibition

Born in 1945 in Montreal (Canada), he died in 2003 in San Bernardino (United States). He grew up in Los Angeles and studied art at the Chouinard Art Institute from 1966 to 1969, obtaining his BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts), then at CalArts when it opened, from which he graduated in 1972 (MFA, Master of Fine Arts).

The exhibition is entitled « La fulgurance de l’instant ou l’histoire fragmentée ».

Jack Goldstein’s protean work cuts across most of the neo-avant-garde movements of the 1970s and 1980s. In 1977, Goldstein was one of five artists along with Sherrie Levine and Robert Longo - whose work was shown in New York in the historical exhibition «Pictures».

The «Pictures» exhibition, organised by the art critic and theorist Douglas Crimp in 1977 at Artists Space in New York, highlighted Troy Brauntuch, Sherrie Levine, Robert Longo, Philip Smith and Jack Goldstein as a new generation of artists. Their work distances itself from both Minimal art and Pop art, while critically advancing both styles. In an interview, Goldstein said: “I’m interested in the gap between the two artistic movements; in the object and its autonomy in Minimal art and in the subject matter from popular culture in Pop art”. In his critical exploration of the images conveyed by the mass media, he drew inspiration from the techniques and images produced by the culture industry and advertising. In the 1980s, Goldstein was considered one of the most promising artists of the post-Pop Art movement, alongside Richard Prince, Sherrie Levine and David Salle.

His work is distinguished by its diversity and singularity: it encompasses sculpture, performance, film, sound works, painting, aphorisms and visual texts. Goldstein is one of a number of artists who have exerted a considerable influence on the development of contemporary art.

The exhibition includes sound works from 1976, 1977 and 1986, as well as a ‘spectacular’ painting from 1983. The works featured in the exhibition are extensively reproduced and documented in this dossier. Below is a description of the artist’s work and a brief critical analysis.

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