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La Serre x La Ville Rayée = mfc2
22 Nov 2013 - 4 Jan 2014
Inquiry about the exhibition

From Friday November 22, 2013 to Saturday January 4, 2014
Opening on November 21, 2013 from 6pm to 9pm

a new concept of exhibition at mfc-michèle didier gallery

For two years now, mfc-michèle didier gallery in Paris has been dedicated to presenting the productions made by the eponym publisher. Since its opening, it has also designated as primary purpose the fostering of reflection on the specific discipline of the artist's book. Furthermore, the gallery provides the possibility to enhance the importance and the role of ephemera as well as published, multiplied works in contemporary art. In this regard, mfc-michèle didier introduces in November 2013 a new project: mfc2. It is based on the principle of the invitation:

La Serre is x1

The bookshop La Serre was conceived in 2012 upon the initiative of four Paris fine arts students, based on the following observation: artists produce on their own quality books that they have a hard time distributing or placing on display. So they imagined La Serre (literally «The Glasshouse»), a mobile and lightweight architectural structure, totally transparent, able to flourish as quickly as a mushroom. Upon mfc-michèle didier's invitation, La Serre will settle up for the winter at 66 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth in Paris during a month and a half. La Serre will display a selection of its publications, which will evolve in the course of the exhibition.

The gallery will also invite five of La Serre's displayed artists to extend the content of their publications in the space-time framed by the exhibition in a gallery: Franziska Kabisch, Soufiane Ababri, aalliicceelleessccaanne&sso onniiaaddeerrzzyyppoollsskkii, Tania Gheerbrandt and Louise Siffert.

The duration of the exhibition has been established according to a cycle during which the interventions will co-exist and and activate each other sequentially. There will be five performances, lectures, activations, readings, inspired by one or more art works, that have been previously published, printed or projected. The performances took place at the gallery, every thursday for five weeks. To see the video of each performance, click on the links below :

- Franziska Kabisch, November 21
- Soufiane Ababri, November 28
- aalliicceelleessccaanne&sso onniiaaddeerrzzyyppoollsskkii, December 5 - Tania Gheerbrandt, December 12
- Louise Siffert, 
December 19


La Ville Rayée is x2

La Ville Rayée is a group of three architects, David Apheceix, Benjamin Lafore and Sébastien Martinez Barat, who began working together in 2006. Investigating architecture as a comprehensive discipline implicating a spectrum of interdisciplinary production of multiples, the works created by La Ville Rayée can be situated at the point of convergence between theoretical and pragmatic encounters.

A series of mfc-michèle Didier publications have been selected to be placed on two of their creations: sanstitres and Adventures Close to Home.

Adventures Close to Home is a series of monofunctional tables in ash, which provide space for the placement of a single object at a time, their structure functions as a domestic totem. These objects confront the multipurpose nature of architectural motifs. The sanstitres are cumbersome objects made of white Styrofoam. Their indecipherable status suspends the object within a realm between a drawing and the material itself. These manufactured lines have no specific use value, they adopt an opportunity to become thresholds for various objects, as nondescript props which classify the space that surrounds them, dispensable objects.

The artist?s books selected for this installation resonate with investigations of the emergence of form through various protocols: the superposition of time, page after page, in the two volumes One Million Years by On Kawara; the recurrent triangle drawn in the landscape of Inside a Triangle by Claude Closky; the establishment of a repertoire of 31 billion forms contained in Allan McCollum?sBook of Shapes; or the superposition of translucent sheets, creating a mirror and revealing the portrait of the specator in life and works by AA Bronson.

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