Laurent Marissal Caïn, 2019

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Journal of 40 pages with a 33 rpm vinyl in insert, 50 x 34 cm
Text in French, audio version in Arabic and Hebrew
Translation and psalmody in Arabic by Mohammed Hamdouni
Translation in Hebrew by Javier Leibiusky and cantillation by Emmanuel Duvshani

The sales protocol applied here is As is : the work is sold at cost.

The sales protocol becomes Free Price if the buyer wishes the postcards Souvenir de la grotte de sang and Souvenir du mausolée d'Abel in addition.

The Cain Label is also applied here: this label guarantees the sharing of benefits between the actors of production, without exploitation or sacrifice.

The journal is available in digital format on request, please contact us.


Edition of 50 copies
Produced and published by mfc-michèle didier in 2019

©2019 Laurent Marissal and mfc-michèle didier
NB: All rights reserved. No part of this edition may be reproduced in any form or by any means without written permission of the artist and the publisher.

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Laurent Marissal's first collaboration with mfc-michèle didier revisits the great figures from the myth of Cain. This myth inaugurates a new period in Laurent Marissal's painting. Cain, or more precisely the story of Cain and Abel, is one of the first founding myths of the Bible. Laurent Marissal starts from this contradiction: Cain commits the first crime, by killing his brother Abel, but is also the founding father of Art thanks to the creation of the first city, Enoch, thus giving birth to civilization. Thanks also to descendants that would decline the arts and crafts, he then became the father of all the arts.

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