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Somethings that...

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Following his own compositional method devised in 1969, Barry has created a collection of twenty-four sets, each made up of three parts, which respectively contain a statement. The two primary statements are repeated in each set, whereas the third is one of twenty-four possibilities, creating just as many possible combinations. While using, playing with, staging and questioning words, the statements from Somethings that… are unique in that they never conjure up an image. Although the combinations of words hold meaning and are grammatically correct, no visual transcription arises in the reader’s mind: the thought remains textual and evolves as such.

Set of three sheets of paper in a cardboard portfolio mounted in grey paper
Each set contains two mutual statements and one specific statement
Each set is unique
Sheet of paper : 27.9 x 21.5 cm each
Portfolio : 28 x 21.5 x 0.6 cm
Offset print on Munken Lynx, 150 g
Certificate signed and numbered by the artist
Limited edition of 24 sets of 3 sheets of paper numbered and signed and 6 artist's proofs
Produced and published in 2016 by mfc-michèle didier
©2016 Robert Barry and mfc-michèle didier


Mutual Statements

• Something that is very close and will be here soon, but no one knows about it and will not be recognized when it comes.
• Something that I thought I knew very well, but about which I was completely wrong.

Specific Statements

• Something that accidentally leaked into the real world.
• Something that always makes us feel good.
• Something that comes up only now and then.
• Something that expresses the sheer joy of being.
• Something that half the people think is comical, and the other half think is very sad.
• Something that illustrates presence and absence in art.
• Something that is always around.
• Something that is always in motion, almost invisible and completely silent.
• Something that is as good as it gets.
• Something that is completely unpredictable.
• Something that is gradually slipping away.
• Something that is made out of various bits and pieces of the truth.
• Something that is so tragic that I cannot mention it.
• Something that is very important and needed, but no one ever talks about it.
• Something that I used to know very well, but have now completely forgotten.
• Something that never appears the same way twice.
• Something that questions everything we believe.
• Something that seems to be more than meets the eye.
• Something that shows the ubiquity of injustice in the world.
• Something that was mistaken for art.
• Something that we can always count on.
• Something that we can never know its true meaning.
• Something that will never change.
• Something that will never go away.


Specific artist's proofs Statements

• Something that cannot be overcome.
• Something that I am keeping to myself and will never share with anyone.
• Something that is almost not there.
• Something that is only a fantasy and can never be real.
• Something that keeps on giving.
• Something that will always be incomplete.

If you wish to purchase this work by Robert Barry, please contact us. We will be glad to provide you the list of the available statements.

Somethings that...

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