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The Guerrilla Girls and la Barbe

Exhibition from September 9 to November 12, 2016.
Opening on Thursday September 8, 2016 in the presence of the Guerrilla Girls and La Barbe.

Guerrilla Girls     La Barbe

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ON FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 9th from 2pm to 6pm the gallery is pleased to organize a conversation between The Guerrilla Girls, La Barbe and Femen.
This conversation will be held at the Maison des Auteurs in Paris (7, rue Ballu, 75009).
Deborah De Robertis, Marc Donnadieu, Fabienne Dumont and Camille Morinneau will intervene during the meeting.
A translator will allow to anglophone speakers to talk in their language. A sign language translator will be present too.
The entrance is free. Considering security measures to be taken, we ask you to arrive earlier.

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