The mfc-michèle didier gallery team



Activation from August 2 to August 27, 2016

Press release


After the activation of Target Studio and Ajouter-Soustraire by P. Nicolas Ledoux, it's now up to mfc-michèle didier gallery team to activate Slowmo*, an IKHÉA©SERVICE created by Jean-Baptiste Farkas.

Activation of IKHÉA©SERVICE N°24
Instructions for use: act with exaggerated slowness. Being Slowmo is to reject the time of others in order to gain access to one’s own time.

Starting on August 2 to August 27, the mfc-michèle didier gallery team will slow down its activities. Please come to the gallery to share this experience with us!

About IKHÉA©SERVICES by Jean-Baptiste Farkas

IKHÉA©SERVICES was created in 1998 by Jean-Baptiste Farkas and offers services which are to be activated individually or as a group.

I consider that:

Art objects are a nuisance and have become superfluous.

At present we are required to grant great importance to acts of withdrawal.

Our conception of the author is an illusion and a convenient shortcut which we must now reconsider.
— There is no longer one unique author for each unique artwork but a multiplicity of authors for the many potential realisations of each work.

The exhibition is an outdated model and must be pushed aside to give way to other forms of action such as the manoeuvre or the operation.
— To operate is to engage in an art practice which relegates art to a position of secondary importance in order to better conquer the terrain of everyday reality.

I distribute services using two identities: IKHÉA©SERVICES and Glitch.

By «service» I mean instructions which are awaiting their practical application:

Unreservedly unite with that which disgusts you

These two identities correspond to two gestures:

IKHÉA©SERVICES: «Break the chain of efficient action»
— Disrupt, impede.

Glitch: «Lots more of less»
— There is an abundance of everything. To subtract is therefore THE action that one must favour.

The instructions for use, which are written to be put into practice, owe everything to those who bring them to life.

Participation implies:
— putting a set of instructions for use into practice
— commanding a set of instructions to be put into practice
— suggesting a new set of instructions for use
— suggesting a variation on a preexisting set of instructions for use which has been put into practice at least once
— acquiring one of our services.**


* Owner: Centre national des arts plastiques - Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (IKH(S).N°24 = inv. FNAC 09-236)
** * The acquisition of a service and the corresponding set of instructions for use does not interfere with the fact that they shall remain altogether freely accessible, in any place and at any time.