Ludovic Chemarin©


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To create a – private or public – space for comfort, rest, or relaxation whose underlying and unlimited purpose is to accommodate and present documentation regarding the artist Ludovic Chemarin©.

The user will choose and assemble:
• Two or three (ideally three) comfortable, well-matched and fairly low chairs;
• A potted plant more than a metre high: imperatively a Kentia or Howea Forsteriana;
• A coffee table upon which a selection of documents regarding work by Ludovic Chemarin© will be placed (catalogues, texts, work descriptions, etc.).
Salon© may or may not sit upon a carpet, preferably a circular one.
A briefcase can be added.
The aesthetic qualities of the furniture are to be freely determined by the user (i.e. the owner of the contract or their delegate).

Salon© can be activated in any location and context.  
It is not necessarily announced, but can be by using a label or by being mentioned in an accompanying document (exhibition guide or floorplan). It can also be mentioned orally according to the desire and/or strategy of the user.
Salon© can be deactivated and disappear at any time.

Each activation will be indexed by Ludovic Chemarin©.
The user is therefore invited to provide the necessary information - date, location, and context of the activation - as well as high-definition photographs.

A4 documents
21× 29.7 cm
Limited edition of 7 copies and 3 artist's proof
Produced and published in 2018 by mfc-michèle didier
©2018 Ludovic Chemarin© and mfc-michèle didier