Hubert Renard

Kit de montage and Revue de presse

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Signed and numbered copy

Grey cardboard box-binder containing two levels:

First level of the box contains the Kit de montage:
Kit de montage consists of booklet and CD-room that allow for producing an exhibition by Hubert Renard.
• The booklet is slipped in a white envelope stamped Kit de montage and placed on a grey removable cardboard display.
• Printed in four-color
• White Extraprint 170g paper
• Envelope: 32 x 22.2 cm
• Booklet: 29.7 x 21 cm

Second level of the box contains the Revue de presse:
Revue de presse consists of 34 newspaper clippings printed on sheets of paper which chronicles the work of the artist Hubert Renard from 1978 to 1998.
• The sheets of paper are slipped in transparent plastic sleeves attached to metal rings of binder.
• Sheets of paper: 29.7 x 21 cm each
• Transparent plastic sleeves: 30 x 23 cm each

The carboard box measures 39 x 29 x 6.5 cm 

Limited edition of 6 numbered and signed copies and 2 artist's proofs.

Produced and published in 2017 by mfc-michèle didier
©2017 Hubert Renard and mfc-michèle didier