Hermann Pitz

Forme Entière

Sold out


Numbered and signed copy 

The bottom of the slipcase contains a drawing made after landscape photographs reproduced in: Dowing, A.F., Scully V.J., The architectural Heritage of Newport Rhode Island, New York 1952 and also in Lutze, E. Ostfriesland, Aufnahmen von Lothar Klimek, Berlin 1973. Inside the slipcase lays a piece of glass, functioning on the image as a magnifying glass. 

30 x 36 x 6 cm
Limited edition of 8 copies and 3 artist’s proofs and 1 manufacturer’s proof / CIRVA
Produced and published in 1994 by les Maîtres de Forme Contemporains (mfc-michèle didier)
©1994 Hermann Pitz and les Maîtres de Forme Contemporains (mfc-michèle didier)