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Underground (Fragments of Future Histories)

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The starting point of Underground (Fragments of Future Histories) by Liam Gillick is the first science fiction novel ever written, entitled Fragments d’Histoire future and written in 1884 by Gabriel Tarde. The French philosopher, sociologist and criminologist depicts in his novel the collective functioning of a society that has taken refuge in the heart of the Earth following a climatic disaster. Liam Gillick has made a contemporary adaptation of Tarde’s text, by rewriting the English translation from 1904 that had a preface by H.G. Wells. Gillick included a preface on his own by the Italian sociologist Maurizio Lazzarato. 

104 pages
20 x 14 x 1 cm
Limited edition of 500 copies
Produced and published in 2004 by IMPORT (mfc-michèle didier & Les Presses du Réel)
©2004 Liam Gillick and IMPORT (mfc-michèle didier & Les Presses du Réel)

Underground (Fragments of Future Histories)

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