Ludovic Chemarin©

Dessin chaise bouée sur l’eau 1.2

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Unique work

In 2011, the artists Damien Beguet and P. Nicolas Ledoux purchased contractually the work and the name of the artist Ludovic Chemarin, after he decided to put an end to his career. Since then, they continue his work under the name Ludovic Chemarin© who exhibits in France and abroad, takes part in conferences, gives interviews, and is the subject of research and articles.

Ludovic Chemarin© is a new project, never seen before in art history, subversive and radical, questioning the limits of the law and challenging the use and practices of contemporary creation in an artistic context in crisis.

Both project & artist, artist & project, Ludovic Chemarin© examines the fundamental notions of art: the status of the author, the definition of an original work, the value of a signature or of the artist’s gesture, but also the various steps and processes of creation: conception, production and monetization.

Resolutely conceptual and juridical, this critical approach, in line with artists such as Marcel Broodthaers or Philippe Thomas, is voluntarily integrated in the official space of art, a necessary experimenting field for producing artworks according to protocols and specific declinations.

Here, a vectorial study drawing of an artwork by Ludovic Chemarin from 1998. This work plays on the notion of  declination and temporality as well as with the drawing technique – several versions are available, a study made after the creation of the original work and a drawing made with the help of a computer.

Digital print on aquarel paper, oak frame, plexiglass
80 x 60 cm
Unique work

Dessin chaise bouée sur l’eau 1.2

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