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Happenings and joyful provocation are words that would quickly summarize UNTEL’s actions. But what does this anonymous appellation refer to? (UNTEL is a French word that can’t be translated into English, it means something like «unnamed, unidentified».) Who are those people that can’t be named?

UNTEL is a group of artists consisting originally of three French artists, Jean-Paul Albinet, Philippe Cazal and Alain Snyers. During its short but passionate existence, from 1975 to 1980, the group has led numerous actions in the public space. The common denominator of the group’s actions is the examination of the day-to-day life, a social and political questioning, very close to the revolutionary ideas of May 1968 and situationism.

The propinquity of UNTEL’s creation process with this idea of experience has led Ben Vautier to included UNTEL in the program of La Maison du Doute in Blois, France, in the spring of 2013. This way, he historically designated UNTEL as post-Fluxus. The idea of an art that first and foremost has to be experienced and lived, seems indeed in line with UNTEL’s considerations.

Furthermore, the group leads his actions as if they are investigations, inspired by the day-to- day life, and exposes the banality and the insignificance of our every-day life together with our contradictions and alienations. In order to express their ideas, UNTEL uses all possible supports and techniques they have access to: photography, film, sound, environments, gesture, corporal actions, objects, etc. In order to be able to preserve their interventions, they systematically have to document them. The photo or film archive created during UNTEL’s existence, offers a rich documentation that helps us recall their adventures, as concretely as necessary to understand their work. Therefore, UNTEL’s work can be considered through their video, photo or sound archive, as well as through the “accessories” they imagined and produced in order to activate their urban adventures in the most relevant way.

Complementary imformation ("complements d'informations" in French) for LA BOÎTE UNTEL, mfc-michèle didier publishes also COMPLÉMENTS D’INFORMATIONS [LA BOÎTE UNTEL], a work that is limited to 8 copies. It consists of an important series of archival elements, such as publications, invitations, postcards, posters and photographs. All these elements provide, together with LA BOÎTE UNTEL, a very complete archive of UNTEL's work.

COMPLÉMENTS D’INFORMATIONS [LA BOÎTE UNTEL] contains the following elements:
First level of the case:
• 5 publications:
- 1976 UNTEL, Galerie des Ursulines, Mâcon, catalogue b&w, 210 mm x 297 mm, 28 pages
- Produit d’UNTEL, Ris-Orangis, 1977, excerpt from the catalogue «Reflets de la 10ème biennale de Paris», 1977, 210 mm x 297 mm, 8 pages
- Untel à Untel, éd. Shakespeare & Compagny, 1977, book, 135 x 198 mm, 84 pages
- Untel, 1975-1980 Archives, Co-édition, 2004, book , 200 x 270 mm, 400 pages
- Performing the City, INHA, Paris, 2009, collection of artists'interviews, group exhibition, 150 x 210 cm, 44 pages + a bookmark UNTEL
• 10 invitations:
- Untel à Macon, Galerie des Ursulines, Mâcon, 1976, invitation folded in half, in a crys- tal paper envelope, folded 145 x 100 mm
- Vie Quotidienne, Maison de la culture, Chalon-sur-Saône, 1978, invitation with addi- tional glued sheet, stamp "UNTEL", 105 x 210 mm
- Untel à Chalon [Changement de direction], Maison de la culture, Chalon-sur-Saône, 1978, invitation, stamp "UNTEL", 210 x 115 mm
- Faits divers, Ensad Paris, 1979, fac-similé invitation, stamp on the back "FAC-SIMILé", 142 x 105 mm
- Untel Tourist, White Columns, New York, 1980, invitation, stamp on the back "UNE IDéE EN L’AIR", 152 x 102 mm
- Untel, 1975-1980 //Archives // Œuvres, La Galerie, Noisy-le-Sec, 2002, invitation A4 pliée en quatre, 148,5 x 105 mm
- Performing the City, INHA, Paris, 2009 , invitation (UNTEL image), group exhibition, 210 x 150 mm
- Performing the City, Galerie de L’Esah, Le Havre, 2011, invitations (UNTEL images), group exhibition, 150 x 210 mm, 2 different images
- Art / Actions / 60 / 80, Esah, Le Havre,201, invitations (UNTEL images), re-actualisa- tion of actions by Esah students, 210 x 150 mm, 2 different images
- LA BOÎTE UNTEL, mfc-michèle didier gallery, 2013, invitation, stamps "UNTEL" and "LA BOîTE UNTEL..., 150 x 100 mm
• 6 postcards:
- TRACES URBAINES, Chalon-sur-Saône, 1978 [éd. UNTEL], card with stamps "UNTEL / PLUS RIEN À VENDRE TOUT À ÉCHANGER", 147 x 105 mm
- ENVIRONNEMENT « Grand magasin », 1977 [éd. CDAC, Belfort], card, 105 x 155 mm - Épilogue, [Histoires] - [Plaque commémorative] - [Archives UNTEL] - [Travaux publics], Paris, 1981, 4 cards in a crystal paper envelope, 148 x 103 mm each
• 5 other elements:
- Faire péter des pétards [1976-2013], crystal paper envelope containing 5 tickets (5 different colors) randomly numbered + stamped, 78 x 64 mm each
- Flyer ”échange flash” - Beaux-arts magazine, Special edition for FIAC, novembre 2013, p.90 - UNTEL, LA POCHETTE TOURISTE, series of elements in a plastic sleeve: a leaflet, a passport, a badge, 4 stickers and a magnet, various sizes - CAHIER TOURISTE (L'ART D'ÊTRE TOURISTE), 2015
- Kraft paper bag, silkscreened on both sides "UNTEL / PLUS RIEN À VENDRE TOUT À ÉCHANGER", 420 x 320 x 140 mm

Second level of the case:
• 2 historical posters:
- Faits divers, C. Space Gallery, New York, 1979, poster, 390 x 550 mm
- Performing the City, INHA, Paris, 2009, poster (UNTEL image), group exhibition, 400 x 600 mm
• Portfolio containing 7 posters:
  Anonymat / Moi / Hors d’usage / Scandale / Pas de censure / On se fait avoir / Rêve, digital print on paper, 390 x 550 mm each
• Portfolio containing 9 photographs:
- Appréhension du sol urbain / Une des deux parties [identiques] d’un tout / Personnage de dos / Fin, b&w photographic prints, 360 x 400 mm and 460 x 500 mm
- L’ irréversible / Je perds mon temps / Touriste / Chien / Socle, color photographic prints, 360 x 400 mm and 460 x 500 mm

Limited to 8 copies
Certificate numbered and signed by UNTEL
Produced and published in 2013-2016 by mfc-michèle didier
©2013-2016 UNTEL and mfc-michèle didier