Paul-Armand Gette


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Numbered and signed copy with a unique photography

Cinématographies is what we could call an “attempt to classify a photographic ensemble”. It represents a collection, an archive built from observation. But what about the subject being observed? 

Paul-Armand Gette is an entomology enthusiast; it is his interest in natural science that prompted him - as an artist - to cast a scientific eye over Nature (which he studies meticulously) and what constitutes it. Consequently, he undertook the task of photographing young girls in places whose “natural” aspect could be considered as more or less modified. Parks, seaside locations, botanical gardens, bedrooms and living rooms are all used as backdrops for his various studies.

252 pages
29,5 x 26 cm
Limited Edition of 180 numbered copies and 20 artist’s proofs + 40 numbered and signed copies and 10 artist’s proofs. These 50 copies (40 numbered and signed + 10 artist’s proofs) contain each a unique photography on Baryté from the series Susannah-1980-Berkeley. It comes to complete and differentiate the copie in the frame of an insert.
Produced and published in 2017 by mfc-michèle didier
©2017 Paul-Armand Gette and mfc-michèle didier


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