Public Auction

On the occasion of the forthcoming Catalogue Raisonné of Hubert Renard's work (planned at the end of 2019), a public sale of available works is organized by mfc-michèle didier on October 4, 2018. The public is invited to buy a "title deed", or more exactly to buy the presence of his name in the "collection" field of the Catalogue Raisonné. The sale is already open on the gallery's website. Works which would not have found a buyer on the evening of the public sale will remain available on the website until the end of April 2019.

A certificate issued by the author, Hubert Renard, represented by mfc-michèle didier, establishes the terms of acquisition of the title deed for a work by the artist Hubert Renard, at a fixed price of fifty euros. The buyer becomes the work's official collector and his name appears in the "collection" field of Catalogue Raisonné's description sheet. If the buyer wishes to remain anonymous, he can register the mention "private collection" in this field. The author remains the owner of all his copyrights, and he undertakes to quote purchaser's name in future publications mentioning the collection. Following the sale, the buyer only owns this certificate. He cannot, under any circumstances, realize or activate the acquired work, whether it is an object or a protocol. The buyer may transfer his title deed to a third party. He must have a new certificate issued by the author or his assignees. The price is fixed at fifty euros and not indexed to inflation.

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