Paul Armand Gette

Paul-Armand Gette was born in Lyon in 1927. He lives and works in Paris. Since 1970, Paul-Armand Gette has built a singular work, nourish by a constant obsession for two themes: the landscapes and the concept of nature as well as the study of the model. Their articulation takes place around the female body and its possible metamorphoses. Its perfect embodiment is materialized in the figure of the nymph, a natural woman borrowed by the artist to Greek and Romans mythologies. Over the years, Paul-Armand Gette has conceived a hedonist, heathen and populated with goddesses.
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  1. Nympha Nocturna ssp. Rosea P.-A. G.

    Paul-Armand Gette
    Nympha Nocturna ssp. Rosea P.-A. G.

    1 380,00 €

    Numbered and signed copy 

    26 x 39 x 5.5 cm
    Limited edition of 8 numbered and signed copies and 4 artist’s proofs
    Produced and published in 1995 by Les Maîtres de Forme Contemporains (mfc-michèle didier) 

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