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About us


mfc-michèle didier is an independent publisher established in 1987, who focuses on the production and on the publication of original works by contemporary artists. 

Acting as an intermediary between the artist and production professionals (such as printing, film industry, etc.) and continuously striving to keep intact the original project entrusted by the artists, mfc-michèle didier produces artists' books, installations, films and videos, and provides a genuine and multiplied work. 

mfc-michèle didier gallery, located 66 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth in the Haut-Marais, 75003 Paris, gives the chance to present the publisher’s productions and is a place of reflection on the artistic discipline of the artist’s book. At the same time, it gives the opportunity to show the importance of ephemera and published, multiplied works in contemporary art.

So far, mfc-michèle didier has worked with Dennis ADAMS, Carl ANDRE, Robert BARRY, Samuel BIANCHINI, AA BRONSON, Stanley BROUWN, Claude CLOSKY, Hannah COLLINS, David CUNNINGHAM, Charles de MEAUX, Peter DOWNSBROUGH, Yona FRIEDMAN, Masaki FUJIHATA, Paul-Armand GETTE, Liam GILLICK, Joseph GRIGELY, On KAWARA, Leigh LEDARE, Christian MARCLAY, Allan MCCOLLUM, Mathieu MERCIER, Annette MESSAGER, John MILLER, Jonathan MONK, Robert MORRIS, Antonio MUNTADAS, Maurizio NANNUCCI, Philippe PARRENO, Michelangelo PISTOLETTO, Hermann PITZ, Allen RUPPERSBERG, Joe SCANLAN, Jim SHAW, Josh SMITH, UNTEL, Lawrence WEINER, Christopher WOOL…